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Anatomy of the Easter Rabbit, 2014

 This explicit anatomical mural on the side of a vacant building will stop you in your tracks on Webster Street. The art is by Viennese artist Nychos, whose large-scale dissections of pop culture icons like Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob SquarePants bring corporeal weight to plastic branding. Morbid and gorgeous, we can’t get over the luminous glow of the intestines in this particular piece.


White Elephant Sale

This enormous annual warehouse jumble sale benefits the Oakland Museum Women’s Board, and is the best place in town for pretty much anything your heart desires, from antique lacework to furniture to tools. The sale raised a staggering $2.15 million in 2015, and is staffed by some of the most patient volunteers you’ll ever meet. Don’t miss the gentle joking of the announcer on the PA system, who reunites (and teases) separated family members among all the chaos.


Fruitvale Community Garden




Early in 2012, some longtime Fruitvale residents created a community garden space by reclaiming the city-owned lot at Foothill and Mitchell. Inside, they transformed unused dirt into thriving food gardens surrounded by fresh hay and inspiring murals. Food justice is obviously a strong value, as local residents don’t have to be gardeners to enjoy the bounty. While orange staked plots are for individual use, green stakes mean take what you need, and several large fruit trees are flourishing in the garden.

Bike Empowerment in the Emerald Lane



A nice swath of the green Super Sharrow recently added to 40th Street near Telegraph Ave.

Despite having been almost run off the road here by a few non-sharey motorized vehicles, most cars are pretty polite about co-existing on this stretch of 40th, thanks to the VERY CLEAR bright green path. And what could be more delicious than luxuriating in having an actual lane for a few blocks? Viva the bike commute!


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IROT mural at Coolidge and MacArthur

IROT is a prolific artist in Oakland, with pieces big and small all over. His mural at the well-traveled intersection of Coolidge and MacArthur perfectly captures beauty and tranquility in the middle of the city.



If you’ve ever looked in the window of 5600 Shattuck and wondered what was happening inside, June 20th and 21st, 3-7 pm is your last chance to find out. After that, Scott Hove is packing up his incredible cake dentata wonderland and moving to Los Angeles. Seeing the art is free!

The bell hooks feminist phone intervention line

Getting harassed by someone to give out your phone number?  Don’t feel safe to decline?  Give them (669) 221-6251 as your number – when they call or text, they will get an automatically generated quote by the great feminist author bell hooks.

This didn’t originated in Oakland but, gosh darn it, it’s our blog and we can bend the rules to suit our fancy.